Disco lighting and sound effects –
Changes and current trends

A lot has changed about the discos and nightclubs from the time they have been introduced in the late 1970s. Though every aspect of the disco has been upgraded, nothing has changed as much as the disco lighting and sound effects. When first introduced, a disco was all about music and nothing about illumination, which is why most discos of that period were dark halls with a minimum amount of light. Though this might be done for energy conservation purposes and to keep the place cool, the new technology that is presently available has changed the face of disco lighting and sound.

The new and in trend at present with the disco lighting is the LED lights. These are the new, effective, eco friendly and energy saving lights that have a great flexibility and precision so that they can be used in any format. These LED lights have revolutionized the field of disco lighting and sound. Now it is not only possible to flood the dance floor with lights of various colors and hues, it is possible to rapidly change them and even move them in time with the music.

led disco sound to light The availability of the new technology and the flexibility of usage of the LED lights have made it possible for the DJ to manipulate the disco lighting and sound effects as one. It is now possible to automatically or manually change the lighting effects in time with the sound effects. The flood lights, the strobe lights, the disco ball (updated versions), the laser lights and more are now available to create variety over the dance floor and provide your customers with an exotic variety of disco lighting and sound effects when on the dance floor.

It can be said that the whole world of discos and nightclubs is moving on with newer and better trends that are being introduced in terms of the disco lighting and sound effects. People can now enjoy a number of effects including smoke and fire effect, the color rain effect, LED dance floor where the dance floor is a riot of colors for the perfect disco experience. Hence, the designer and the owner has better and a wider range of options available currently in terms of disco lighting and sound effects to make it an intensely exotic experience for all the customers and to provide them with something different every time.